Launching Ceremony of the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program was Held

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On December 2nd 2017, the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program initiated by Beijing Royal Charity Foundation was launched in Chengdu.

Guests who attended this event include Mr. Liu Limin, President of China Education Association for International Exchange and Former Deputy Minister of Education, Ms. Marielza Oliveria, representative of UNESCO Representative Office in China, Ms. Julia Broussard, Director of UN Women China, Ms. Liu Jinghui, Director of Committee for International Students in China, China Association for Higher Education, Mr. Sun Xiaobing, Executive Director of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy, H.E. Ren Xiaoping, Director of the Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation, Former Ambassador of PRC to Namibia, Mr. Andrew Kelly, Senior Vice President of the Union of the North Carolina Public Universities, Mr. Nathaniel Ahrens, Director of the China Center of the University of Maryland, Mr. Wang Guangfa, President of Beijing Fazheng Group, and Ms. Pan Jun, Chairperson of Beijing Royal Charity Foundation.

Over 500 domestic and international guests in education, diplomacy and charity joined in the event and witnessed the initiation of the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program.

Introduction to the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program

Against the backdrop of education globalization where international communications are on the rise, the UNESCO issued the Education 2030 Framework for Action, and the Chinese government issued the National Plan for Medium- and Long-Term Education Reform and Development 2010  2020. To respond to the trend, boost Chinese cultural confidence, facilitate the work to build a community with a shared future for mankind, enhance the communication and collaboration in education between China and the BRI countries, enable the students to respect cultural diversity and embrace cultural difference, BRCF initiated the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program on December 2nd 2017. The “Future Diplomat” program was designed for young people, and consists of courses, teaching and research, talent cultivation and assistance for students from impoverished family. Since 2018, the program has been carried out in China and other BRI countries, making its due contribution to education development and charity in China.

Ms. Marielza Oliveria
Representative of UNESCO Representative Office in China
Ms. Oliveria pointed out that education has been the priority of UNESCO. As the world is experiencing rapid changes, education must change, too. Globally, the societies are undergoing fundamental changes, which call for new forms of education, so that capacities needed for social and economic development can be strengthened. International communication and collaboration not only help to deliver knowledge, but also help to maintain peace.
The UNESCO has dedicated to cultivating global citizens, ensuring all learners have the access to knowledge, skills, capacities and values to live with dignity and sense of achievement, and make their due contribution to solving the shared problems that face human beings in the 21st century, which include poverty, climate change, food safety and conflict.

Mr. Wang Guangfa
Founder of Beijing Royal Charity Foundation, President of Beijing Fazheng Group
Mr. Wang said the “Future Diplomat” Youth Education for International Understanding Program is of great importance to the cultivation of global citizens.
He believed that education can transform the future. As the society advances, cultural development of a nation is the foundation for scientific research, cultural diversity and inclusiveness are the guarantee of a brighter future. The “Future Diplomat” Program is dedicated to cultivating young leaders, who by definition, have good understanding of China and the world, are equipped with international perspectives and competencies, and have sense of responsibility and sense of purpose.

Ms. Pan Jun
Chairperson of Beijing Royal Charity Foundation
Ms. Pan pointed out that as an authorized charity organization by the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, BRCF has always held dear its original aspiration to promote education equity. The “Future Diplomat” Program is China’s first charity program that themed education for international understanding. The essence of this program is to promote the culture of peace and multicultural education, which not only calls for the young people to understand national culture, inherit the national spirit, but can also understand and appreciate other cultures. In an era featured with multi-polarization, economic globalization, information technology and cultural diversity, the program aims at encouraging young people to respect, understand, and embrace other people with different cultural backgrounds and developing the sense of global citizenship.
The “Future Diplomat” Program has pooled wisdom from experts in diplomacy, education, charity and think-tank, and from charity organizations, government offices and social groups. The expert committee explored in ways to strengthen youth education for international understanding, designed curriculums, and trained professional faculty in education for international understanding. In 2018, the curriculum framework took shape, and was put into practice. At the event, Ms. Pan called for social collaboration in youth education for international understanding, so that advances and peaceful co-existence of the world’s civilizations can be realized, and the sustainable development goals can be achieved.

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