About Us

1:Introduction to Beijing Royal Charity Foundation (BRCF)

Beijing Royal Charity Foundation is a non-public offering foundation initiated by Beijing Fazheng Industry Group Co., Ltd. (the “Fazheng Group”), in which Ms. Pan Jun is the Chairman of the board.BRCF aims at providing charity support, delivering positive energy, and promoting education and medical development. The Foundation adheres to the values of forward-looking, openness, professionalism and integrity, and devotes itself to rural education support, natural disasters relief activities and funding the charitable training for the development of education and healthcare, carrying out academic researches and exchanges. In July 2016, Beijing Royal Charity Foundation was officially registered and approved by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. In April 2017, the Foundation was recognized as a charitable organization by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and in 2020, BRCF was rated AAAA in China Social Organization Evaluation by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.


2: Aims of BRCF

Pool love and care, send charity support, deliver positive energy, promote education and medical development.

3:Organizational Structure of BRCF


4:Introduction to the Founder of BRCF

Established in 1993, Fazheng Group has been operating under the motto of “adhering to laws and regulation, treat people with honesty”. With 28 years of endeavors, Fazheng Group, taking patriotism as its aspiration and considering repaying the society as its responsibility, lays its foundation in China with eyes on the world. It has now realized a diversified industrial pattern with industries centered on people’s livelihood, including education, healthcare and elderly care as its core, and real estate, culture, think tank, financing, legal services as the supporting pillars.
In the meantime, Fazheng Group holds dear its tradition of fulfilling its responsibilities and repaying the society. For years, it has devoted to education support, natural disaster relief, medical assistance and poverty alleviation missions, funding charitable trainings, academic research and communication in education and healthcare.